About us

Archa Centre for Documentary and Social-Specific Theatre emerges as a continuation of the initiatives of the Archa Theatre, which concluded its activities by the end of 2023. The activities and the philosophy of the centre are built on the long-term practice of its founders, Ondřej Hrab and Jana Svobodová, who delved into documentary theatre–performing arts that blend authentic stories with theatrical metaphors, involving "untrained performers" in the creative process. The Centre creates conditions for original work in the field of performing arts. It connects artists who, with the help of theatrical imagery, are focused on the current issues of contemporary society.

Our Team

Ondřej Hrab

Executive Director

Jana Svobodová

Artistic Director

Merve Moutafoglou

Project & Tour Manager

Sofía Vélez

Social Media

Martin Krupa

Technical Director

Artists and Lecturers

Martin Krupa, video art Pavel Kotlík, light design Jan Sedláček & Ladislav Štěrba, sound design Sofía Vélez, movement Petra Oswaldová, voice


Hotel Europa
Italian Festival
TRIGGER Festival
Gulliver Theatre
National Experimental Theatre, Tirana